For Sale: GSXR1000K8, Choice Of Four

Currently have four GSXR1000K8s available now. Plus all the parts to build a fifth bike (minus the engine).

All bikes built to a similar spec. plus spares. Would make the perfect starting point for a new team.

New 2008 models built in March. Engines already refreshed at least once this season with new valves, etc.

When last tested made 185 hp on the Arrow WSB dyno. All suspension maintained by Ohlins Sweden, Ohlins UK or Andreani Group.

Bob Farnham Prepared Engines
Ohlins 25mm Fork Cartridges
Ohlins TTX36 Shock
Leo Vince SBK CORSA Full Titanium Dual Exhaust System
Yoshimura EM-Pro ECU
Yoshimura Wiring Loom
Yoshimura Kit Head Gasket
Yoshimura Quickshifter
Yoshimura Air Intake Tubes
Yoshimura Engine Case Protectors
Yoshimura Lock Stops
Yoshimura Pair Valve Removal Kit
ValterMoto Clip Ons
ValterMoto Axle Protectors
GPR v4 Steering Damper
ProMach Rear Sets
HotBodies Racing Fairings
Active Quick Action Throttle
LighTech (or Active) Remote Adjustable Brake Lever
Fren Tubo Carbon (or Goodridge) Braided Brake Lines
Performance Friction Brake Pads
DNA Air Filters
Tsubaki Chain
Renthal Sprockets
R&G Crash Bobbins
R&G Stand Bobbins
R&G Chain Protector
Stomp Tank Grips

Can remove Yoshimura ECU and wiring loom and replace with standard if required for BSB SuperStock.

Also two full sets of Renthal sprockets plus duplicates.

Spares (currently) include:

Wheels with Discs (x 4 sets)
Stock Forks (x 2 sets)
Frame (x 1)
Swing Arm (x 1)
Leo Vince Titanium End Cans (New) (x 2)
Leo Vince RHS Titanium Link Pipes (x 4)
Throttle Bodies (x 1)
Air Box (x 1)
Yokes (x 1)
Standard Air Intake Tubes (x 4 sets)
Tank (Used) (x 1)
Tank (New) (x 2)
Tank Cowls (New) (x 2)
Clip On Bars (x 4)
Callipers (x 4) Updated
Brake Master Cylinder (x 3)
Clutch Master Cylinder (New) (x 2)
Brake Levers (x 4)
Clutch Levers (New) (x 2)
Screens (New) (x 6)
Rear Subframe (x 1)
Front Subframe (x 4)
Standard Throttle & Cables (x 4)

Plus four standard looms, lock sets, fuel tank caps and pillion seat release locks with matching ECUs.

In fact there are enough parts here to build a fifth bike, all you would need would be an engine.

Also available:

SuperBike Tyre Warmers (x 6 sets) – To be sold with above or separately once above bikes have been sold.

All bikes laser tracked to ensure alignment with regular visits to Maidstone Motoliners to be safe (usually with no alterations required).

£40,000 for everything (including spares, tyre warmers, etc.), or from £7500 to £9500 depending on specification (e.g. standard loom and ECU or Yoshimura parts), spare wheels, etc.

Team is VAT registered so potential sponsors may be able to reclaim the VAT… 

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