Suzuki GSXR1000L1 SuperBike – Brand New [2013 BSB Spec.]

Suzuki GSXR1000L1 SuperBike – Brand New [2013 BSB Spec.]

Bought in early 2011 to undertake a few wild card races in WSB. Due to delays with several wiring loom suppliers we ran out of time to get the bike finished so it has sat in the workshop ever since.

Currently built to 2013 BSB specification and can be supplied with wiring harness for Motec ECU & Dash if required.

Brand new bike with around fifty dyno miles from new. Everything on this bike is brand new and unused other than the front end, i.e. Ohlins gas forks, Brembo monobloc callipers, Harris yokes & Brembo front brake discs, that we used on our previous race winning BSB Evo spec. SuperBike. This bike has never been ridden on the road or track from new.

Suzuki GSXR1000L1 bike (Purchased under Suzuki racer program. V5 available)

Ohlins FGR900 Gas Forks (Just serviced with new fork seals, etc.) [£9000 when new]
Brembo 320mm/6mm Fully Floating Front Brake Discs [£600 pair when new]
Brembo (X97.37.60/61) 32/36mm Monobloc Callipers w/Ti Pistons [£3250 when new]
Brembo (10.4760.70) Master Cylinder 19×18 (cast body) [£195 when new]
Harris Yokes (With two sets of inserts to adjust offset) & Clip Ons [£630 when new]
Harris Carbon Front Mudguard [£112 when new]
Valter Moto Type 2.5 Adjustable Rear Sets [£414 when new]
Active Quick Action Throttle [£100 when new]

Brembo (120.A441.10) 34/34mm Calliper [£360 brand new]
Brembo Fully Floating Rear Brake Disc [£TBC brand new]
JB MagTan 16.5″ Magnesium Wheels [£2500 approx brand new]
Akrapovic Factory Titanium Exhaust [£2300 brand new]
Crescent CMC10 Suspension Linkage w/Titanium Bolts [£650 brand new]
Modified Stock Swing Arm w/Quick Release Wheels (Plus modified linkage mount) [£2100 labour]
Ohlins SU887 Semi-Factory Shock (Hand built to order for privateer WSB teams) [£1500 brand new]
GPR Steering Damper [£390 brand new]
Sharkskinz Bodywork [£650 brand new]
HEL Brake Lines (With quick release coupling on rear)

Yoshimura Close Ratio Gearbox (ex-Alstare WSB/Superfinished) [£2500 used]
Yoshimura Cotters & Retainers [£650 brand new]
Crescent Cylinder Head [£1200 labour]
Piper Cams w/Yoshimura Adjustable Sprockets (To near factory spec./Superfinished) [£770 brand new]
Sigma Slipper Clutch [£695 brand new]
Ceramic Gearbox Bearings [£240 brand new]
Balanced Crank & Rods

Currently running standard electronics with increased rev limit (14k rpm), switchable maps and the option for live lambda logging.

Swing arm was testing by GPMS Technology (ex-Kenny Roberts chassis guy who makes Ten Kate swing arms, etc.). Found the torsional stiffness was good but a little too stiff laterally. Overall good enough to race competitively on.

Additional parts available at extra cost include:

Yoshimura Kit Generator (ex-Alstare).
High capacity race radiator.
Larger modified Suzuki tank.
Full titanium engine bolt kit (main & outer covers) also.

£20k incl. VAT for quick sale.

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Workshop Clearout Sale

All parts for GSXR1000K9-L1 unless otherwise stated. Some parts may fit other models…

Yoshimura kit generator, casing & carbon cover [ex-Alstare] (used)
Race radiator double thickness (x2 new)
Yoshimura factory single exhaust Tommy Hayden w/new R77 can[ex-Yoshimura AMA] (used/new)
Leo Vince Corse titanium twin exhaust (light use)
Leo Vince Corse titanium twin exhaust (new)
BMC carbon/mesh air filter [ex-Alstare] (new)
Yoshimura suspension linkage & offset swing arm pivot mounts (new)
Cougar Red intakes [factory copy] (used)
Factory Pro intakes 30mm & 40mm (new)
Billet oil cooler brackets & HEL lines [for oil pressure and temperature sensors] (new)
Billet fuel rail connector [for fuel pressure sensor] (new)
HM Quickshifter Plus (used)

Pazzo brake levers (x3 new)
Pazzo clutch levers (x1 new x1 used)
Clutch plates K9 (new)
Clutch plates K8 (new)
Clutch spring washers K8 (new)
Front mudguard blue (used)
Side panel/tank inserts silver (very used)
Side panel/tank inserts blue (used)
Standard air intakes K8 (x2 pairs new)
Standard air intakes K8 (x1 pair used)
Genuine Suzuki screens K8 (x4 new)
Brake callipers K8 (very used)
Balanced rods K8 (used 4 race meetings)
Sprocket cover w/Hydraulic brake cylinder & speedo pick up K8 (new)
Rear subframe spars (used)
Standard rear brake disc K8/K9 (new)
R&G paddock stand bobbins K8/K9 (new)
HEL front braided brake lines (new)
GPR steering damper & fitting kit (new)

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BSB ’12 – Is This Progress?

BSB ’12 – Is This Progress?

When MSVR announced the new rules for 2012 I was mostly pretty supportive. After all, they were pretty close to what I had suggested back at the tail end of 2009 when they announced the Evo class. At the time I felt the whole stock engine concept was flawed, not just because our Suzuki would have a 25 hp deficit over the BMWs but also because we couldn’t fix the weak cotters and retainers inthe engine nor could we adjust the cam timing without repeatedly pressing and unpressing the cam wheels. In essence, the differences between the different bikes hadn’t been considered properly.

To be honest there wasn’t much wrong with the 2011 rules that banning titanium conrods or implementing a fixed rpm limit couldn’t fixed. The only aspect of the 2012 rules I had aproblem with was banning traction control. Let’s face it, even Casey Stoner believes there is a case for a basic version on safety grounds. Perhaps more importantly it a) didn’t cost much to keep it, and b) the Pirelli tyres were designed to be used with it!

I’ve been watching the 2012 season with interest to see how things have progressed. I’m not too interested in lap times as the lower spec. bikes were always going to be slower. I have been watching to see whether the claims that it would make for cheaper racing were actually true as I had my doubts.

For me the same guys will always be running at the front regardless of the rules. In fact, due to changes with the Pirelli tyres this season many of the privateers are spending more money than they did last year as the tyres do less heat cycles and without traction control they are harder to get to last to the end of the race.

After the sixth round at Knockhill I decided to do a comparison between the 2011 season and 2012. We have heard a lot about how many different riders have won races this season but I maintain that has been more a factor of the weather than the new rules. At this stage last year the top three riders had taken 18 podium finishes, i.e around 60%. That jumps to 70% if you look at the top four riders. In 2012 the top three riders have taken 19 podiums and 23 podiums for the top four, that’s 63% and 77% respectively.

In my opinion the shootout system robbed Shane Byrne of the 2011 championship although the top four riders took 68% of the shootout points. In 2012 those top four riders now have 75% of all the shootout points. Due to the convoluted shootout and a bit of luck MSVR got probably the most exciting finish the 2011 championship they could have hoped for but to my mind it was down to pure luck than their meddling with the rules or championship points.

I guess the question that we need to answer is do these new rule changes help the competitiveness of the series or was it really meddling for the sake of it. As far as I can tell the four top riders are extending the gap over the rest of the field and the rest are struggling to keep up. I know many teams have struggled to get a usable power delivery from their engines now that they can’t run traction control. Perhaps it is easier for the bigger teams to make this happen, i.e. more experience, greater budgets, more testing time, etc., etc. Or maybe their riders just have more talent…

I’ll leave you to make up your own mind…

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