Silverstone, UK – Race

28/05/06 – Back In The UK

After driving to Spain and Italy it was nice to head just up the road to Silverstone. Unfortunately the home advantage wasn’t to be had as neither rider had ever seen this configuration before yet alone raced on it. Even the riders who had been in the class last year had more circuit knowledge. Doh!

Thanks to Kenny Pryde at SuperBike magazine Chris has been selected as one of the wild card entries for the GSXR Cup. It proved a big help as he was finally able to give us some suspension feedback by comparing the two bikes. Unfortunately all of his practice sessions, and the race, were directly after the SuperStock 600 equivalent so after half an hour on a 600 he then had forty minutes on a 750. No rest for the wicked!

Getting interviewed on the grid was a novelty that I’m sure we could all get used to!










Photos copyright @ MIST Suzuki Racing 2006

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