More Engine Development

More Engine Development

We decided early on to not complicate matters by chasing horsepower, at the end of the day we don’t have the budget to install fancy rods and pistons so we are sticking with standard items. This will limited the rev. limit, initially to 14k rpm. [Edit: Actually that’s not completely true but we’ve chosen to spend the money on some pretty sophisticated electronics which should maximise the usability of the power we have].

Sure we could have spent some of the money differently but we decided to go for a strong engine up to 14k rather than miss out on some of the fundamental improvements just to get a bit more peak. The goal is the flattest curve possible with plenty of punch out of the corners.

Better to have everything at 90% than some things at 100% but others only at 80%. Once the bike is up and running we will have a better idea about the performance we have and can allocate any additional budget accordingly.

The build has continued so here are a few more pics. with the Sigma slipper clutch and Yoshimura generator, well, the flywheel at least, installed.




Also managed to weigh some of the parts today:

Yoshimura flywheel: 290g
Standard flywheel: 811g
Weight Saving: 64.2%

Yoshimura generator windings, including case: 1127g
Standard generator windings, including case: 1258g
Weight Saving: 10.4%

Sigma clutch (without plates): 1150g
Standard clutch (without plates): 1550g
Weight Saving: 25.8%

Without lightening the crank we have saved 934g of rotating mass plus the reduced drag from the revised generator windings.

Yoshimura Retainers (16): 77g
Standard Retainers (16): 90g
Weight Saving: 14.5%

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