Moving On Up

Moving On Up

If racing in a National championship can be considered expensive how about running with the big boys at World SuperBikes?

Sure the bikes are more expensive but the base costs are also much higher also. Even when we competed in the FIM SuperStock class we spent an additional £20k just on fuel, tolls and ferry crossings to get there. Not forgetting the need for someone to drive all over Europe during the season.

Don’t forget that WSB is a global championship and that for each fly away round it is estimated the cost to ship the full team, bikes and equipment, and look after them once there, costs in the region of 60k Euros per event.

For 2011 the entry fee was 10k Euros per rider with a further 2.5k Euros for Clinica Mobile contribution. Then add a further 55k Euros for tyres for the 13 race weekends and 2 official tests.

Whichever way you look at it the numbers soon add up regardless of the debate on the spec. of the engines or which electronics package to use.

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