More Engine Work…

More Engine Work…

After a brief hiatus working on other things we finally managed to get back to the engine. First step was to rebuild the freshly ported and skimmed head with the Yoshimura Cotters & Retainers.


Somewhere in our pile of parts is the original see of Cotters purchased for the project but, not being able to find them, we had to buy another set to allow things to progress.


Having double checked the cam timing on the Yoshi cams it was time to shim the head properly, or at least take an initial best guess at it, and fit the cams that we had cut to our profile a couple of years ago. As we never got around to using them at the time we had to press the Yoshimura cam wheels on and then get them timed up to an initial spec. to see how they would perform.


Of course once we had the timing set we had to go back and re-shim everything to give the correct clearances. An engine builders work is never done.


In this modern age it is a constant surprise that we have to resort to the old school method of cam timing. Even with a dial gauge accurate to the nearest one hundredth of a millimetre we still rely on a big degreeing wheel to measure the crank position.


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