MIST Suzuki 2010 Update

MIST Suzuki Continue To Work Towards 2010 British SuperBike Season

After a massive learning curve in 2009 whilst competing in their inaugural British SuperBike season MIST Suzuki continued to develop their Suzuki GSXR1000 over the Winter months. The preparation for the 2010 season resulted in a vastly improved machine with over 200 hp at the rear wheel coupled with a significantly improved electronics and suspension package.

Plans for 2010 began in early November with promising talks with both sponsors and potential riders alike. As time moved on an agreement was reached with a top level sponsor and plans continued with a view to hiring an established rider, someone of the calibre of former race winner Chris Walker for example, and other experienced staff who could help take the team to the next level.

In the past week the team has learned that the company that had agreed to support the sponsor’s new business venture would be reviewing their partnership which means that by the time any money is available, if at all, it will be too late to allow everything to be ready in time for the start of the season.

It is with regret that MIST Suzuki find themselves in a difficult position with such a short time before pre-season testing is due to begin. Every effort is being made to secure the necessary funding to compete in the British SuperBike class this season and hire a rider capable or proving what the team can do. In addition there is potentially the option to run a second rider in the new SuperBike Evo class should the opportunity arise.

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