MIST Suzuki Take On SuperBike Evo Class

MIST Suzuki Plan For The New SuperBike Evo Championship

With the season rapidly approaching and the team still recovering from the last minute shock of losing both their sponsor and rider just a few weeks before the first round everyone was expecting MIST Suzuki to give the 2010 season a miss.

With barely enough time to begin preparations the decision was taken to convert the 2009 SuperBike in to a 2010 SuperBike Evo machine. The spare engine was still fairly stock with just a set of cams and some porting of the head so a new head was purchased and the engine returned to standard, the bespoke wiring harness was ordered to allow the use of the control ECU for the class and several other components were also ordered.

Several other modification are also in the pipeline but time constraints mean they might not make it in time for the first round. A factory spec. Ohlins shock had already been purchased so the matching linkage was ordered and the swing arm sent off for some work to make the wheels quick release and change the mounting point for the suspension.

Things are still looking incredibly tight for the first round but MIST Suzuki will be there and have high hopes of podium finishes or even race wins for the inaugural round of the Evo championship.

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